Ultrasound Inhalation Therapy

nebutur 330

nebutur 330

Relief for the respiratory tract

nebutur 330/USV 220

-  Available as a tabletop model, wall-mounted

   model or mobile unit

-  Removable and sterilizable aerosol chamber

-  Produces stable and very dense aerosols

By means of high-frequency ultrasound nebutur 330 / USV 2002 generates a stable and very dense aerosolwith a droplet diameter sizes between 0.5 and 5 μm (85% of the particles is smaller than 4 μm). This guaranties high deposition rates and optimize inhalation therapy particularly of diseases down in the lower respiratory passages.
Nebutur 330 / USV 2002 is the ideal ultrasound nebulizer for various applications such as the humidification of the tracheal and bronchial mucous membranes, therapy of bronchial tract diseases and the medicamentous therapy.
  • The ultrasound nebulizer is available in three versions: a table, a built on wall or trolley version.
  • The desired nebulazation volume, the flow and duration of nebulazation can be adjusted individually and easily.
  • The removable and sterilizable nebulizer chamber is suitable for disposable sterile water systems an a conventional filling, and also for permanent operation with a continuous filling set.
  • Special medicine cups are available for the nebulization of medications, and a heatable silicone tube is available for the heating of the aersosol.


Technical data
190 x 260 x 190 mm
230/110 V, 50/60 Hz
50 VA
max. 30 min
1.68 MHz ±5%
max. 4 ml/min
0,5–6 μm, 85 % < 4 μm
μm, 85 % < 4 μm
1.5–15 l/min


nebutur 330nebutur 330nebutur 330


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