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curatur601-aSmart navigation
  • - Easy to operate
  • - Effective and fast operation
  • - Treatment protocols and libraries
  • - Individual settings

Self-explanatory menu guidance


The opening screen invites you to get started instantly.
Self-explanatory icons indicate the available functions.
If a submenu is selected the icons remain visible on the screen. Thus, it is possible to switch directly to another function.

The therapist always has a clear view of the situation.


Graphic support and individual settings

navigation 601Fear of electricity – have you heard this remark from your patients? Our operating and control tools get the patient involved in the treatment. The library gives you the option of visualizing causes of disease and possible treatments together with the patient. The supplementary dictionary provides additional information.

The result is optimal patient preparation.


treatment protocols and libraries


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The settings for each individual treatment can be saved as "Favorites" and called up when needed. This is a simple and optimal way to re-use successful therapy programs.

Therapy recommendations from the treatment library can also be saved as "Favorites."


Patient management and documentation of therapeutic outcome



Linking treatment parameters to the patients in your practice archive supports the documentation and ensures that patients receive the prescribed treatment even if they are treated by a different therapist. You can store all data relevant to your patient's treatment in the unit.

The therapy unit is personalized.

Effective and fast operation


navigation 601

The preparations for the therapy programs are optimal. If you know exactly which application to use to obtain an optimal therapeutic outcome, you can start directly with the right type of current. All you have to do is check or change the preset parameters and treatment can start.

The use of time, a valuable resource, is optimized.



Simple reference to medical dictionaries and treatment instructions.


navigation 601





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